70 - 4x2x6" Stand Up VALENTINE'S DAY HEART STRIPED POUCHES Zip Pouches for Coffee, Laundry Soap, Herbs, Tarts, Etc


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With this purchase, you receive 70 -  4 x 6 Stand Up Zip Pouches.
Measurements: L=4" W=2" H=6"


These bags have red/pink stripes and a clear heart window.

These festive Valentine's Day stand up, zipper, food pouches are heat sealable.
The front and back panels are identical with a striped pattern and a heart shaped window.

FDA/USDA approved for food use
High Quality Reclosable bags .
Sealable by heat sealer on top, bag with tear notch.
Space efficiency of flexible packaging reduces trucking and storage needs.
2 mil thickness top quality.
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