Large Heat Seal Tea Bags - 4 x 5 - Bath Teas, Drinking Teas, Sachets, Spices, Bath Salts, Etc


With this purchase, you receive Large Heat Seal Tea Bags
Measurements: Size: 4 x 5"

AKA Press & Brew Bags
Heat seal tea bags are often used for tub teas or drinking teas, but they are versatile enough to be used for samples, sachets, spices, bath salts, potpourri and so much more. Perfect for a "mess-free" infusion in your simmering pot!

Simply fill with desired product & seal with a household iron or heat sealing machine. Sealing temperature is between 302-338F (150-170C) Items may expand when wet, so overfilling is not recommended.

Food grade, white colored, durable fiber heat sealable bags. No bleaching agents or formaldehyde used in the processing of this product.

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