6 JACK FROST Snowflake Tarts - Individually Wrapped


This price includes 6 100% Soy Wax Tarts at approx. 1 oz each.

It's a refreshing mint-vanilla blend that makes you feel like Jack Frost just nipped at your nose!

These tarts are hand poured, handmade when you order them.
They are highly scented with high quality, non diluted fragrance oils. They are Individually wrapped and great for gift giving!

Soy Wax is:
1) Easy to clean up with soap and water.
2) Grown on American Soil.
3) Clean burning, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly!
4) Supports our nation's economy and our farmers.
5) Produces 95% less soot than paraffin candles.
6) Burns cooler than paraffin or gel.

Questions? Email: jana@candlelynn.com