Custom Order for Simple Jane


This listing is for tubs of Lip Balm/Lotion Bar Base based on amount chosen (filled by weight).

One tub can fill approximately 100+ lip balm tubes depending on the amount of ingredients added to the base. 100% All Natural Ingredients: coconut oil, bees wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, vitamin e.

Since our lip balm is made of all natural ingredients, batches will range from creamy white in color to yellow in color.

Our lip balm base can be used to make more than just lip balm! You can use the very same base to create your own all natural solid perfume, an all-natural vapor rub, foot balm or lotion bars! Why buy numerous bases to make these products when all you need is this one base? Can be used with flavor oils for lip balm, or with lotion safe fragrance oils for lotion bars. Use with Essential Oils for an all natural product. Cosmetic Mica powders may be used for shimmer or color in lotion bars. Lip safe micas may be used in lip balms.

This is an oil/wax based product and will not mix with water based FD&C dyes. Do not use candle dye!

Instructions for use:

Lip Balm: Just melt the base in the microwave on low until it liquefies completely. Add your flavor oil (not fragrance oil!) and stir well (amount depends on manufacturer, average use is 2-6% for any we carry). Sweetener is optional with non-sweetened flavor oils or essential oils (some flavor oils are pre-sweetened ). Pour into lip balm tubes, tins or pots, and allow to harden.

To make solid perfume: Melt the amount of lip balm base that is required to fill your selected containers. Add 1-5% body safe fragrance oil. You can substitute flavoring oil or essential oil for fragrance oil if you desire. Add mica pigment (if desired) to give your solid perfume shimmer! Pour the melted mixture into your desired containers. Lip balm pots work nicely for solid perfumes. Allow to cool at room temperature.

Lotion Bars: Just melt the base same as above, and add approx. 1 oz. of a lotion safe fragrance oil per pound of base, and stir well. Pour into soap bar mold or into push-up sticks and allow to harden.

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