25 - 5 x 8 Stand Up Zip Pouches for Coffee, Laundry Soap, Herbs, Tarts, Etc


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With this purchase, you receive 25 - 5 x 8 Stand Up Zip Pouches.
Measurements: L=5" W=3" H=8"

These bags have a silver bag and clear front.

Acid free, FDA/USDA approved for food use
Crystal clear. High Quality Reclosable bags .
Sealable by heat sealer on top, bag with tear notch.
Space efficiency of flexible packaging reduces trucking and storage needs.
2.8 mil (70 micron) thickness top quality.

Volume and weight of your product will determine what each bag will hold.
I, unfortunately, can not give suggestions of what they will hold at this time.

Questions? Email: jana@candlelynn.com