10 lbs Unscented Aroma Sachet Filling


This listing is for 10 pounds of Unscented Aroma Sachet -Corn Cob Fibers. (picture shows a bag of scented)

Add approximately 2 oz of fragrance oil per 1 lb or 4 cups of corn cob filling. After you let the corn cob fibers absorb the oil and give the fragrance time to cure, you can add it to your muslin or organza bags for use or selling purposes.

Each 1 lb bag with your added fragrance will make at least 16 3x4 sachets or more depending on the amount you put into your sachets. You fill the bags and sell them at $2.00 or more and make at least 100% profit!!

Our aroma sachet filling is only natural corn cob fibers. 

These corn cob fibers can be used to make air fresheners in cars, closets, lockers, drawers, luggage, vacuum cleaners, offices, near kitty litter boxes, in gym bags or gym shoes...the list goes on! They make great stocking stuffers and are a great addition to gift baskets! Put them in a sunny window for an even stronger fragrance release!
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